Do I need facial toner in my skincare routine?

So what is a facial toner anyway? Toner is best described as skins clean slate. It comes in a water-based liquid form that may include hydrosols and natural astringents.

What does a facial toner do?

A facial toner unclogs pores by clearing excess dirt, oil and makeup from the skin. Toners are especially beneficial for people with oily, acne- prone skin but have amazing benefits for people with normal/combination skin.

What are the benefits of facial toner?

The benefits of facial toner are endless! Here are few that we admire the most!

+ Balances the skin PH level

+ Shrinks Pores

+ Acts as a moisturizer by locking in moisture

+ Refreshes the skin

kathari clear - clarifying facial toner

When should I use a facial toner?

Facial toner is best applied as the second step in your skincare routine right after cleansing.

About Kathari Clear Clarifying Toner

Our toner, Kathari Clear is infused with Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon oil and Rosemary oil. Apple Cider Vinegar is used to combat age spots and fight fine lines. Working as a natural antiseptic, rosemary oil helps get the skin squeaky clean while controlling oil production. We topped this beauty off with vegetable glycerin which acts as a humectant, locking in skins precious moisture.

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