Oily Skin Saviors

Oily skin seems to plague a lot of us. I get it the worse in the summertime but I know a lot people that deal with issue year round. I've compiled a list of products that do an excellent job of leveling out skins oil production without drying out skin cells.

1.Oliveberry Safi Maska

Safi Maska is a creamy chocolatey mask packed with beautiful ingredients from the sea. This mask balances out oil production by purging the skin of excess oil. Hickory Bark extract stabilizes the skin, while the prickly pear seed oil generates healthy compounds known to have hydrating, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. This beauty works double duty by exfoliating dead skins while also balancing the skins PH levels. Goodbye oily skin. Hello balanced glow.

Sold Exclusively at The Oliveberry Company

2. Bohemian Reves Hydrate Daily Face Lotion

Infused with hemp seed, tamanu and green tea extract with vitamin A to help control sebum production and balance oily skin. This babe will revive and clarify dull skin gently all while improving skin elasticity and reducing redness. Infused with tea tree and rose essential oils.