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Nobody knows your skin like you do! Here we give you the opportunity to create the perfect face mask tailored to your particular skin type.  Choose up to three clays that we will carefully craft and package in store just for you.  All you need to do is add water and then apply.


PRO TIP: Mix your mask with rose water or coconut water for a more hydrating mask


If you're local to our store you'll receie UNLIMITED half off refills once you bring your original jar back to the shop.

DIY Apothecary Face Mask Bar

SKU: obefm890
  • Our clays are raw and the ingredients used to create them are all wild-harvested. These masks are great for all skin types and are exceptionally great for people with sensitive skin as they are not packed with ingredients that will irritate your skin unless you are allergic to the masks ingredients.

    Mask Benefits:

    Activated Charcoal: Unclogs Pores, Removes deeper impurities

    Bentonite Clay: Absorbs dirt and oil, detoxifying 

    Moroccan Red Clay: Skin clarifying, rebalance oil production

    Kaolin Clay: Tones skin, moisturizes skin barrier

    Wild Spirulina: Superfood for skin, facilitates cell renewal, glowing skin

    Turmeric: Eleveate darks spots  and evens skin tone

    Carrot Clay: Beta carotene protects skin, increases skin elasticity

    Green Sea Clay: Minimizes Pores, strenghtens skins barries

    Acai Clay: Anti aging benefits, rich in anti-oxidants

    Acerelo Cherry Clay: Rich in Vitamin C, Corrects dull skin 

    Wild Papaya: Lightens hyperpigmentation, improves skins texture

    Rose Clay: Evens skins tone, removes redness from skin

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