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Truce is a luxurious vegan soap made with a nourishing combination of bamboo and coconut. This soap has a fresh, sweet scent that will invigorate your senses, leaving you feeling refreshed and clean. Plus, it's vegan, so you can enjoy your shower experience knowing that you're taking care of both your body and the environment.

Olive Branch Wellness & Essentials Vegan Soap - Truce

  • Sulfate Free

    Cruelty Free

    Plant Based Fragrance & Essential Oils

    Paraben Free

    Soy Free

  • Once an item is ordered and paid for, please allow 1-4 business days for your order to ship. Our products are handcrafted so they are at the peak of freshness when you get them! This can include making, infusing, bottling, labeling, and shipping. Some of the products that are handcrafted take a little longer to make than mass-produced ones. Let us know if you need an item by a specific date and we will always make it a priority to try to accommodate your needs.

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