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Introducing the Tahnyc Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe serum, the clean, filler-free, and gently hydrating serum that your skin has been craving. This powerful formula plumps and reduces fine lines, leaving your skin looking and feeling smoother and more youthful. Perfect for all skin types, including highly sensitive skin, this serum can be used on its own or paired with other products like Vitamin C, Retinol, Acids, or AHA to enhance their benefits while naturally hydrating the skin. Made with organic, natural ingredients, this serum is the perfect addition to your skincare routine for a fresh, radiant complexion

Tahnyc Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe serum

SKU: thn823
  • USE FOR 
    • Improving Skin Suppleness
    • Plumping to improve Fine Lines
    • Improving skin texture and softness
    • Gentle Hydration
    • For all skin types including highly sensitive skin

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