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Soma is a collection of phyto-nutrient oils and that melt into the skin on contact. Infused with Red Raspberry oil and Calendula oil, this butter actually heals the skin while giving off an unstoppable glow and sheen to the skin. Provides the perfect moisture barrier when  paired with Kakao.

Oliveberry Soma - Silk Body Melt

SKU: ob644
    • Red Raspberry Seed - Very high levels of phytosterols that can help reduce trans-epidermal water loss, thereby helping to keep skin moisturized.
    • Carrot Seed - gives skin a firmer fresher appearance by helping the body remove toxins and water build-up in the dermal tissue.
    • Mango Butter - this lightweight non-greasy superstar is ideal for damaged skin as it works as a skin rejuvenator
  • Raw Mango Butter, Unrefined Kokum Butter, Organic Red Raspberry Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed oil, Organic Carrot Seed Oil, Organic Calendula Oil, Cold Pressed Grapeseed oil, natural phthalate free fragrance oil.

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